Services Offered


Optimal Health Chiropractic is a modern facility known for its range of Chiropractic techniques and other services.

Optimal Health Chiropractic is committed to the improvement and maintenance of your health. We have combined not only the practice of chiropractic, but the use of other conservative forms of health care techniques to create a personalized care plan for you.  In conjunction with one another they will help you reach your health goals. 

Dr. Michael and Dr. Kernan are always available to give health talks to any group.  Call today to discuss times and topics. 


Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractors believe that interference with the body's muscular, nervous and skeletal systems (especially the spine or vertebrae) impairs many important body functions and lowers resistance to disease. A great emphasis is placed on keeping the spine functioning properly to relieve pressure on connected muscles, joints and nerves.  Such therapy not only helps problems in the back, but also aids in improving the feet, hands, and internal organs.  This is done by the physical manipulation of bone and soft tissue.

In fact, spinal adjustments may relieve a spectrum of ailments such as tension headache, certain types of migraine, menstrual cramps, allergies, asthma, stomach disorders, spastic colon, and arm, hand, and leg pain that's due to dysfunction of the neck or lower back. Some patients with asthma and emphysema even turn to chiropractic care to release tension in the chest.  A study presently underway will help determine if manipulation of the neck helps the ears drain properly, thus alleviating otitis media ~ the ear infection that plagues children.

Intersegmental Traction

The Triton DTS Traction System is designed and constructed with 25 years of experience in traction therapy. With unparalleled design, proven history and Chattanooga Group behind it, the Triton DTS Traction System is the gold standard in Traction Therapy.

What is Intersegmental Traction?

It is a way of inducing passive motion into the spine for the purpose of stretching spinal joints, increasing mobility.

How does Intersegmental Traction work?

The patient lies face up on a bench table strapped into the traction system.  The machine gentley creates a pulling motion allowing the disc space between towo vertebra to increase.

What does Intersegmental Traction feel like?

Most patients find this form of treatment to be relaxing and very helpful. The gentle rolling action is restful, exercising the spine without effort.

Why is Intersegmental Traction used?

Since discs have a poor blood supply, they get nutrients from the circulation of fluids surrounding spinal joints. Fixations prevent this natural circulation and can cause disc thinning and degeneration. Intersegmental traction helps increase and restore necessary elasticity and motion to the spine.

Patient Benefits

  • Comfortable and relaxing
  • Increased mobility
  • Improves circulation of spinal fluids
  • Most patients enjoy the relaxing motion and the increased mobility gained from Intersegmental Traction


Electro-Muscle Stimulation

What is Electro-Muscle Stimulation?

It is a special form of electrical current that is administered at the site of soft tissue injury, especially muscles, for the blocking of pain.

How does Electro-Muscle Stimulation work?

Small amounts of electrical current are induced into the tissues for the purpose of reducing swelling. This widely used technique safely strengthens muscles and helps reduce painful symptoms.

What does Electro-Muscle Stimulation feel like?

Patients generally feel a slight tingling sensation at first. Since your body may become accustomed to the initial setting, the intensity may be raised during the course of your 10-20 minute treatment, for maximum healing effect.

Why is Electro-Muscle Stimulation used?

Electro-Muscle Stimulation has been used as an effective form of pain relief. It is recommended in cases in which pain is accompanied by swelling and inflammation.

Patient Benefits

  • Reduces pain sensation
  • Helps decrease swelling
  • Promotes general muscle tone
  • Speeds the healing process

 Many painful symptoms can be relieved with the application of Electro-Muscle Stimulation.


What is ultrasound, and how does it work?

The waves are generated by a piezoelectric effect caused by the vibration of crystals within the head of the wand/probe. The sound waves that pass through the skin cause a vibration of the local tissues. This vibration or cavitation can cause a deep heating locally though usually no sensation of heat will be felt by the patient. In situations where a heating effect is not desirable, such as a fresh injury with acute inflammation, the ultrasound can be pulsed rather than continuously transmitted.

Ultrasound can produce many effects other than just the potential heating effect. It has been shown to cause increases in tissue relaxation, local blood flow, and scar tissue breakdown. The effect of the increase in local blood flow can be used to help reduce local swelling and chronic inflammation, and, according to some studies, promote bone fracture healing. The intensity or power density of the ultrasound can be adjusted depending on the desired effect. A greater power density (measured in watt/cm2 is often used in cases where scar tissue breakdown is the goal.

Dry Needling

What is Dry needing and how does it work?

The process works by disrupting the myofascial trigger and tender points causing a rapid improvement in muscle physiology and function.

Causes cord and brain responses that are unique.

It is an effective means to achieve measurably improved clinical outcomes in both time and duration.

Allows for relaxation of taut (microfibers) muscles to resume their resting length of action and myosin overlap (allows muscle fibers to return to their normal relaxed state).

Graston Soft Tissue Technique

What is Graston Technique® and how does it work?

Graston Technique® incorporates an evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively detect and treat scar tissue and restrictions that affect normal function.

Historically, the Graston Technique® has had positive outcomes in 75–90 percent of all conditions treated. It is equally effective in restoring function to acute and chronic injuries, and pre- and postsurgical patients.

The concept of cross fiber massage is not new. Graston Technique® is grounded in the works of Dr. James Cyriax, an English orthopedic surgeon. The use of our specially designed instruments and protocol is new.

Graston Technique® has become standard protocol in universities and hospital-based outpatient facilities as well as industrial on-site treatment settings such as Indiana University and the University of Michigan. The technique is also being used at industrial settings and by NBA, NHL, NFL and Major League Baseball trainers.

Physical Therapy

We are committed to your overall health.  Without strengthening the surrounding soft tissue, an adjustment will not hold.   We feel that we would not be doing our job if we did not utilize everything at our disposal in treating an individual's case.

One's core, or trunk of the body, is very important in stabilizing the spine.  If one has a weakness or imbalance in this area it will become one of the many causes of low back pain.

At Optimal Health, physical therapy will be used in conjunction with chiropractic care to make ones health improve more quickly and be longer lasting.